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2nd International Conference on Evolutionary Artificial Intelligence (ICEAI 2024)

26-27, November 2024

Hybrid Conference: Event will be held both online and at the venue.

organized by
Taylor’s University, Malaysia



Full Paper Submission Deadline 18 August, 2024
Acceptance Intimation 22 September, 2024
Registration Deadline 25 October, 2024
Conference Dates 26-27, November2024
Welcome to ICEAI 2024

In recent years, evolutionary computation has been extensively utilized to find effective solutions to a wide range of computationally difficult problems for which ad hoc heuristics may not exist. Novel nature-inspired algorithms have been introduced and it is also effectively applied to real-world challenges with the advent of evolutionary algorithms. As a subfield of computational intelligence, evolutionary artificial intelligence uses computational models of evolutionary processes as the key element in design and implementation. Many evolutionary computational models have been proposed, including evolutionary algorithms, genetic algorithms, evolutionary programming and swarm intelligence. These techniques form the basis of several emerging disciplines like artificial life and evolutionary robotics. Despite the fact that the area is well-established and has reached a mature level of growth, significant research breakthroughs are presented every year by either suggesting new approaches or enhancing certain elements of well-known algorithms. This 2 nd International Conference on Evolutionary Artificial Intelligence [ICEAI 2024] intends to be a major forum for engineers and research practitioners interested in the study, design, analysis, modeling and implementation of evolvable systems both theoretical and application fields. ICEAI 2024 also aims to foster hybrid approaches within evolutionary computation by integrating fuzzy computation and neural computation technologies.

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