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Taylor-s University

2nd International Conference on Evolutionary Artificial Intelligence (ICEAI 2024)

Hybrid Conference: Event will be held both online and at the venue.



Call for Papers

Track - I

next  Particle swarm optimization

next  Evolutionary programming

next  Genetic programming

next  Hybrid evolutionary algorithms

next  Ant colony optimization

next  Evolutionary neural networks

next  Evolutionary reinforcement learning

next  Genetic algorithms

next  Memetic algorithms

next  Novel bio-inspired algorithms

next  Evolving multi-agent systems

next  Agent-based evolutionary approaches

next  Evolutionary game theory

Track - II

next  Artificial life

next  Evolutionary robotics

next  Image processing and neuroevolution

next  Deep neuro-evolution

next  Multi-objective neuro-evolution

next  Evolvable computing

next  Evolvable/adaptive hardware and systems

next  Genetic programming

next  Hybrid neuro/genetic, fuzzy/genetic systems

next  Bio-inspired metaheuristics

next  Swarm/collective intelligence

next  Supervised learning

next  Intelligent representation techniques

next  Evolutionary machine learning algorithms